One comment on “JUMBO BURGER

  1. Ok, first off, let me elaborate a bit here. I’ve been going to Jumbo since 1987. This place has only gone through minor changes. At one point the used different beef. Think Apache burger. They used to get from the same supplier, but decided to go back to their roots, and make the patties in house. If you don’t want a dry burger( as the blogger commented) ask them not to over cook it. At night, George mans the grill, and will often cook it to death. Tom and Peter make everything in house from fresh cut halibut, to burgers, to souvlaki. Onion rings also fall into this category. If you want to try an excellent burger option, tell one of the old guys you want a big J burger. They should know what you mean, and dress your burger with tazitki , BBQ sauce,onion and tomatoes. Come hungry and don’t plan on eating for the rest of the day.

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